Thursday, November 06, 2014

A Drone that Follows Your Commands

Things are getting interesting in the Drone space. Finally one that follows you. Set it and let it follow you (smartphone). 
The price is a little Steep, $1150

HEXO+ is a flying camera that follows and films you autonomously. Just attach your GoPro to your drone, set your framing in our app and you're good to go! This package includes HEXO+ drone, 3D gimbal with GoPro Mount and HEXO+ App "The Director's Toolkit". (GoPro not included.Final product shipping May 2015.Pictures may differ from actual products.)
Let your drone follow and film you
Your drone is attuned to the slightest of movements, continuously repositioning itself to match the filming parameters you set for it. You now have an intelligent flying camera tracking your exact trajectory and filming your every move.


  • Easy To Use
    Easy to Use 
    Set the framing on your smartphone, the drone does the rest; from take-off to landing.
  • Smart and Autonomous
    Smart and Autonomous 
    No remote control necessary; HEXO+ follows your movements to maintain your framing.
  • Light and Packable
    Light and Packable 
    Lightweight, foldable frame and legs, to easily fit in a backpack.
  • Extra Fast Flight
    Extra Fast Flight 
    Up to 70 km/h – 45 mph top speed to track even the fastest subject. Wind tunnel tested for improved aerodynamics.
  • Extra Stable Footage
    Extra Stable Footage 
    Hexacopter design and 2D or 3D brushless gimbal for smooth filming.
  • Safe
    Fail-safe software features and six propellers mean a safe landing in case of a problem.
  • GoPro-Compatible Mount
    GoPro-Compatible Mount 
    Built for the best action camera out there.
  • The Director’s Toolkit
    The Director’s Toolkit 
    Garageband-like app to create filming scenarios with drag and drop, combinable camera movements.
  • Manual Flight
    Manual Flight 
    Easily switch between autonomous and manual modes and control HEXO+ with your own RC or with pre-set GPS waypoints