Thursday, November 20, 2014

Do It All, Anywhere! Monkii Bars

Monkii Bars
You have the TRX system, its great, the cost is getting up there, so when a $100 system comes along you take notice. Best part is that if you look at the Monkii bars, you could build them with some PVC pipe and Paracord,

 Some days we catch ourselves daydreaming about awesome locations to use monkii bars. The best part is that they’re just as easy to use outside as inside. The bottom line is that monkii bars turn the world into your gym.

Suspension Workouts

Bodyweight training is an awesome functional workout that trains upper body, core, and legs.

Setup Anywhere

The world is your gym: setup in under a minute inside or outside using any support structure.

Simply Beautiful

Designed as a conversation piece that looks as good as it functions, not to be stuffed in a gym bag.

Start Your Adventure

Our programming provides a new way to train—we focus on more than just sets and reps.