Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Crazy Look, Protective Helmet, Smart Hat!

Smart Hat is a concept design to greatly increase rider safety, while also addressing some of the more inflammatory issues between cyclists, pedestrians and road users.

Smart Hat is currently a virtual product system with IP protection.

We have the skills to fully develop smart hat and we are looking for interested parties to assist us in modest funding, co-developing & branding this exciting new product together.


The safety of bicycle riders on roads is an issue for concern.
Existing approaches to minimise the risk of injury to road users range from the physical separation of the cyclist (cycling paths) through to the wearing of safety devices, such as helmets.

However, a number of technical limitations have restricted the ability of such dedicated spatial regions and wearable systems to minimise the risk and prevention of injury.


The wearing of cycle helmet for a cyclist is compulsory across all states in Australia.  Although helmets have gained usage with a number of cyclists, not all wear them.

Existing helmets afford little protection to the cyclist in a collision and are not designed to the same standard as other motor vehicle helmets.

Existing cycle helmets do not address any technical issues of integrating modern, electronic safety devices, data, or even standard road use indicators that are compulsory on all road registered vehicles, namely: illuminated front and rear turn indicators, brake lights, rear running lights, head light of appropriate brightness to other road users or rear view mirrors.


This concept is concerned with the problem of injuries to humans and animals resulting from accidents. In particular, human injury which results from an unplanned interaction with a machine, such as a bicycle rider colliding with an automobile, pedestrian adult, pedestrian child or companion animal.

Apart from safety considerations, an ID system would allow cyclists to share responsibility when interacting with vehicles and pedestrians.