Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Body Media: Health. Care. Anywhere.

This company has been on my most watched list for sometime, they are truly the leader in fitness technology to be applied in many different medians.

Health. Care. Anywhere.
BodyMedia is one of the world’s leaders in wearable body monitoring products and technologies. We’ve developed an accurate and convenient way to track the health and behaviors of people outside of a clinical setting, in the context of their everyday lives.
Our weight management, tele-medicine and research applications are a proven, innovative and affordable means for monitoring physiological and lifestyle information, such as energy expenditure, caloric intake, sleep, and adherence to clinical and fitness programs.

BodyMedia is developing state-of-the-art monitoring products in conjunction with some of the world’s top healthcare, fitness, and consumer products companies in disease management, club-based fitness, wellness, and more.