Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The start of it all....

For as long as I can remember I have been participating in sports, it was not until I started to work at AGENCY.COM the web leader during the .com heyday. It was so technology focused that I learned how to think about innovative technology, you can have a great idea but you need to understand how it is put together. After the crash of the .com I moved to a company called Impact Unlimited, they are exhibit company that had me doing interactive solutions.

Along with all this behind me I met some really smart and bright people, Jay Jacobs the creator of "My Pet Fat", I think that its pretty inspirational, Ying Ying Wong, what a great designer and innovative thinker, Jason Hartman (Teknikos) programmer and DB Media, another great interactive company that is on the rise, Michael McEntee President of Impact Health the leading, national provider of event-based biometric health screening and education programs and JerryO a bald head to bounce ideas off.

That brings me to today, I am working on a concept that is going to change the way that we as people work out, but more on that later. This blog is about all the cool technology that is useful to the main stream public, things that we can buy and use right off the shelf, and the occasional cool technology that is coming but not yet fully in production. So enjoy and please share with all.