Thursday, May 19, 2005


This is an idea that I had a while back and was not sure what to do with it, so I am wondering if anyone would like to develop this concept further. I am sure that we can work something out, JAY "My Pet Fat" this would be good for what you are doing...

inSENDtive is a mobile phone service to assist a group of friends/gyms in meeting their personal goals. A user will choose the goals he wants to accomplish, such as regularly going to the gym, then select like-minded friends to join his support network. While at the gym he uses his camera phone to take a photo and send it to his friends to show that he reaches his goals. inSENDtive does not presume that a faceless service will be a powerful motivator; the service only connects and augments the existing motivational power of friendships.

For users, the real value of inSENDtive is as an automated and portable support for connecting friends to accomplish goals.

Using their mobile phone the user can upload a picture of themselves working out along with their results (heart rate and calories burned). A text message will send the picture and the stats to others in the group, giving inSENDtive to get to the gym and workout along with earning valuable HC points. His network on HC will show all the stats of the users in the group keeping a running total until their goals are accomplished.

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