Wednesday, May 25, 2005

EyeToy for Fitness

It even has a name "exergaming" good for the kids that have grown up playing video games and need to get fit, it is actually a great way to teach martial arts. I have never gotten into video games, don't get me wrong I like to play them and used to go to the arcade mostly to play 'Pole Position" and other driving games. As the time for adults and kids gets harder to manage "exergaming" could catch on, cold winter mornings that you need to get your Kickboxing in turn on the gaming system and take on your next opponent, working up a sweat and learning the new moves. If they really get smart if your adversary does a move that you can't counter then there should be a button an instructor comes on shows you the move and counter move. There is some real potential, and fits into another idea I have but that is for another entry... CES in Las Vegas had a whole area geared towards "exergaming" and it seems to stay pretty busy. Potential I think so... EyeToy.

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