Monday, June 20, 2005


Started selling shoes in the summer/fall of 2004, and that's when I bought mine and have been so happy that in the winter of 2005 I bought a pair of their shoes, I am hooked, hype or not. If you live on a desert island and have not heard of KEEN Footwear these are the fastest selling shoes, in 2004 KEEN sold $30 million worth of shoes around 700,000 pairs. To make you think a little Teva three years to reach $1 million in sales. For sailing or water sports are were these shoes shine, the new docksiders. Jim Van Dine owner and visionary to keep it simple and make changes on the fly by using freelance talent. A big toe protector and boat soles, these grip. What I like about this company is that they have done no advertising. Started all by blogs!! The power of the internet community is unbelievable.

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