Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Video games to stay in shape

I had heard about his a couple years ago and now it's becoming a market. The idea is simple enough and when applied to a exercise routine, you start to see results. "How can this possibly work? How can you get a workout standing absolutely still?
Well, the kilowatt measures the force that you push and pull on the controller with, up to about 300 pounds worth." In home demo...

"Position 1: Stand in the doorway with your buns against one side of the frame and your hands on the other. Now push with all your might! While you're pushing, you should feel the effort in your triceps, deltoids, and abs.

Position 2: Hold onto the doorframe and pull with everything you've got. You should feel that in your biceps, lats and glutes.

Position 3: Brace your legs out wide, and push the doorframe left and then right. You should feel this in your quads, your core stabilizers, and your shoulders.

Now repeat the above exercises for 30 minutes, constantly changing between Positions 1, 2, and 3."

Now image a machine working against you, there you have it. POWERGRID Fitness

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