Thursday, June 09, 2005

Watches that Work

I am a bit of a watch nut, I like all kinds fancy, low tech and ones full of technology. For running, biking and xterra type events, nothing comes close to Polar. I have tried the Suunto X6HR and returned it 4 times within the year. Suunto claimed to have had a bug in a certain batch but I could not handle loosing data and the watch always resetting itself. The best thing about it was the interface with the PC, transfering data was easy and quick, now on the Polar this is one of my biggest complaints, the IrDA should work a little better, but after a couple of tries it hooks up. I use the Polar AXN700™ and this thing is bullet proof, if you are looking for a watch that can handle 90% of what the general public will put it through this is the one, it also competes with Suunto X6HR. It has vertical speed, barometer, fit test, compass and heart rate test. I could go into more but Polar AXN700™ will describe it better and in more detail. The other one, Polar S625X™ Running Computer is great!! Hands down great for triathlons. I have not gotten the bike mount yet but the foot pod once calculated is dead on. Has the same features as the AXN700™, but a different configuration in the setup and file structure.

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