Thursday, May 17, 2007

GPSPORTS: Leader in Sports GPS Solutions

GPSORTS, The world leader in sport GPS solutions, have some great products that monitor your body in motion, real time. When athlete should push themselves, hang back or is bonking, play a vital role in the success and longevity of an athlete. Being able to track that is the best thing going.
"Knowing how fast and far an athlete has travelled in training is vital to the correct development of the athlete's energy systems. Not knowing or poor analysis leads to poor athletic performance. The overriding goal for the sportsperson is to improve his/her performance and competitive edge.

GPSports provides the athlete the crucial tools for understanding his/her physiological responses under different training and competitive regimes, and over time."
Here are the key components to GPSorts products.

1. The SPI family are the performance monitoring products of choice by leading sports science institutions and elite athletes around the world (see GPSports client list)

2. The technology is multi-sport usable without reconfiguration (walking, running, cycling, rowing, etc).

3. There is no calibration of the technology required. Switch on and Go.

4. GPSports SPI products are the only systems available that are "TUNED FOR HUMAN MOVEMENT". They are the most accurate & reliable systems on the market.

5. The unit captures multiple performance variables including kinematic (speed, distance, etc) as well as physiological (heart rate).

6. External devices can be "plugged in" to the SPI products (eg cadence, stroke rate).

7. Comes complete with powerful analyser software.

8. Replaceable software capability to allow for exercise programs to be uploaded.

9. Access to online training diary for assistance in program generation and monitoring.

Their current products are:
SPI Elite
Analysis Software
GPSports Perfect Session is the first online Periodisation* diary that incorporates advanced training program theory to help the user plan, monitor and modify training programs to achieve their goals. * Periodisation: Cyclical structure of long and short term training programmes, to maximise performance and reduce the risk of injuries and illness.
Check them out! GPSORTS

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