Thursday, May 24, 2007

iWear • Your clothes will became iPod holder!

OK MACS are cool, and yes they come out with great products, iPhone, but enough already with the "i's", think of something else to set your product apart! Anyway enough about "i's", a company has released a pretty cool product that can hold the Nano in your cloths. Not revolutionary, copied off of a product called the POP Swatch, this product came out in 1986, and could be worn in your clothing. A friend of Mine Steve Martorana kind of thought of this idea about 3 years ago. We had sat down and thought up a cool way to make the iPod stick in your cloths. Well because of $$$ his idea died.
So here is what it can do:
Practically invisible! It is hidden behind your clothes and leaves the front row to the iPod design itself.
• You can use it with practically any clothes such as jeans, skirt, pants, T-Shirt, sweater or even a scarf.
• (up to 1 mm textile thickness).
• It can be attached and detached with one movement.
• iWear does not use any chemical glue or something which harm your clothes.
• It holds your iPod safely but does not prevent your movements.
• You can use for resting, walking, jogging, running or riding on a every season.
• Sleek iPod design.
• You can also use it as protective casing for the iPod screen (by placing the iPod the face down).
• It can use iPod nano first generation and second generation (aluminium) also.
This mean no more arm bands, lanyards, holding it in your sweaty hand, or putting it in your pocket.
Check them out! iWear

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