Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MapMyRun.com - New and Improved

New and Improved...
I guess the adsense on their site is finally paying off, MapMyRun is improved, with training logs, race and events, running news and two ways to upload your data, .gpx, and gmap-pedometers. I started using this site off and on for the past two years and felt it very cool web 2.0. The only part that they need to add is data from all watches. I don't use a GPS but a Polar watch then I manully plug my route in to see if it matches my Polar foot pod, and it's usually close. The interface is much more robust and it seems to run a little faster. MapMyRun uses Google Maps so you can show distance, markers and elevation on the map, plug in your time and it kicks out stats.
"MapMyRun.com provides people of all athletic ability easy-to-use, comprehensive web-based tools to get healthy and train more effectively as an individual or group.

These interactive tools include:

Easy to use graphical route mapping tool!
Workout calculators enabling users to calculate key statistics such as pace, calories burned, etc.
A new Training Log to track daily workouts and follow your training progress
Collaboration features that allows users to share their workouts with others.
I-framing, co-branding, and syndication tools are enabling organizations like Team in Training and VeloNews to share this site with it's user"

Hey Kevin Callahan, "Idea Guy" I have some cool ideas that could work with MapMyRun, give me a call, in the meantime, Check them out!MapMyRun

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