Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Safe Turn Indicator Light

Big things come in small packages, and the Safe Turn Indicator Light is one of those packages. Here in the states it is getting harder and harder to find safe places to ride your bike, the roadways are getting packed with motorist that don't want to share the road, in a hurry, and truly don't understand why we ride bikes.
The Safe Turn Indicator offers the following advantages:
  • You do not have to learn to use the device, as its use can be combined with your normal hand signals,
  • To accommodate for your individual preferences, the base can be adjusted at 15 degree intervals to allow the tilt switch to function at any angle,
  • Containing 3 LEDs, the indicator is extremely visible and it flashes in a similar fashion as a vehicle/motorbike indicator does,
  • The Indicator is portable, lightweight and has low energy consumption,
  • The Indicator will keep blinking as long as your hand is raised, and
  • The Indicator promotes safe cycling.
Making it easier for people who commute or are training, this product is great.
Safe Turn

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