Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow Kiting

Wow, you can think of all the fun things you can do with Snow Kiting, but the best is how easy it is for people living far from the Mountain on semi open land. Here is a video of the kites in action.
Snow Kiting is the latest winter sport. Large highly controllable foil kites are used to blast kite pilots along with just the power of the wind! The 'Big air' jumps that boarders and skiers are pulling under the power and security of power kites are simply breath taking.
Snow Kiting is a lot easier to learn than kiteboarding on the water!
It is easy to stand on snow, which makes the whole process easier!
It also takes a lot less wind to drive a board across snow than it does across water.
The whole learning experience is lot less daunting as you need much less power and wind to get you moving.
Finally, holding an edge in snow is much easier than in water making up wind progress much easier to master.
All you need is snow and a power kite and you can turn a cold winter's day into a blistering, adrenaline soaked experience!
To Snow Kite you will want a foil type kite since it is completely soft in structure and cannot be damaged easily when the kite is slammed into the ground. Foils are also capable of reverse launching which is very important for re-launching these kites from the snow.
Check it out, Snow Kiting.

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