Wednesday, January 16, 2008

GymGirl, Skirts at the Gym

Technology is defined different to many different people, here at TubaDuba, it is anything that helps athletes/fitness buff get better. So when you see women wearing skirts at the gym, well this is something very new. For biking it is not so new Athelta has been overing one for a while. Seeing women in the gym wearing a skirt is well, nice. You have seen for years now the USTA wearing skirts, tiny but skirts none the less, so why has it taken so long to hit the gyms, not sure.
So here is the skinny on the skirt:
"The TRIKS wardrobe staple, this skirt with built-in shorties is everything you’ve ever asked for. Name it…the GymGirl can do it! Made for running, from the local 5k to 26.2, the GymGirl pulls out all the stops. Lightweight, luxurious SpeedSilk fabric gently flows across your thighs while the TRIKSmesh built-in shorties with a 3.5 inch inseam provide modesty and booty-enhancing subtle compression. Yes, the shorties actually enhance your womanly curves. Side slits allow for a little extra freedom without showing it all!

We love pockets. Why? Because we’re women and we’re prepared for anything. Two pockets, one on the side of each leg can hold gels, keys, money, ID, dog treats, you name it! Best of all, the pockets will fit a small music player for those of us who need a little musical-inspiration on the trails. Simply thread your cord through the little buttonhole under the waistband and tune out discreetly (yes, we thought of everything!). Warning: Wearing the GymGirl will lead to a reputation as the fashion maven of your universe. Be prepared for increased popularity!"
from Skirt Sports.
Check it out!

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