Monday, January 07, 2008

Odin Collection, let it snow, Helly Hansen

With products like this coming out, it makes you want to go out and find some snow. Here is what Helly says:
"Three years in the making, Helly Hansen introduces the Odin Project, a technically advanced apparel system designed to provide the absolute best weather protection, comfort and durability from base layers to outerwear for professional mountain guides, patrollers, climbers and expeditioners who spend months at a time in rugged back country conditions. The collection combines Helly Hansen’s 130 years of experience in the work wear industry with the most advanced performance fabric technologies and latest sport-inspired designs. No details were overlooked or left untested – from pocket placements to welded seams – in the development of the series available at an exclusive number of leading outdoor and mountaineering specialty stores in 2008."
The collections consists of a Mountain Jacket, Mountain Pant, PCM Soft Shell, Isolator Jacket and the vest.
What a great collection for those who can afford or work for a company that has this as there wardrobe.
Check them out. Helly Hansen

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