Monday, December 28, 2009

Mission Workshop / Weatherproof Cargo Backpacks / Vandal

Anther backpack, one that might haul everything that you need. The Vandal is a weatherproof backpack made for the city cyclist, commuter or anyone else that carries the world on their shoulders. Think of the Vandal as your bag of all trades. Messenger bag durability, cargo expansion, long haul comfort, indifference to weather - what other bag can you stuff to capacity and then seamlessly expand to swallow a case of your favorite brew?

The Vandal's weatherproof pockets and compartments are made of urethane coated nylon and are completely free of PVC. The zippers are also urethane coated for weather resistance. The rain-proof main compartment has a roll top closure.

The backpack suspension features an internal frame, EVA foam and a breathable mesh backing for comfort and stability under the heavy loads this beast can handle. More..