Monday, December 07, 2009

New Ski/Snowboard Technology

From Be Sportier
"New snowboard technology or we should say snowsport goggle technology like these Recon Goggles may make things a little more futuristic. This new snowboard technology will in essence be a ski and snowboard goggle where you view your cellphone screen, your speed and altitude on a small display on the inside of the goggle lens. Recon Goggles will feature a 15mm diagonal micro display will provide you with your real-time speed, jump hang-time, vertical gain/loss, altitude, temperature and will even include a stopwatch and GPS capability for rescue situations (great safety perk). Recon, a Vancouver company, is even trying to enable the goggle lens to show you where your friends are on the mountain. A future release is supposed to have resort trail maps projected too! Out this coming Fall, the goggle will weigh 120 grams, and will come in two styles with the difference between the two being in the quality of the lens and resolution of the picture. Look for the Recon goggles to be available in Fall of 2010 for between $350 and $450."