Monday, December 21, 2009


The Moticon SkiGo Electronic Skiing System records the skiers position in real time with sensors incorporated in the insoles of the ski boot and sends this info back to the skier with immediate audio feedback via headphones. For example, if you're is too far in a supine position, you'd be instructed to lean forward. Here's a great simple way to learn how to ski. This product isn't on the market yet, but this seems like a great product idea!

Moticon was published in June 2009 as a spin-off of the TU Munich, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Department of Sports equipment and materials, founded. We have set ourselves the goal of supporting the active patient and patient when training. Our sensory products help to improve movement, optimize the body's momentum while avoiding miscarriage or of congestion.

The founders of Moticon all enthusiastic athlete since her youth in various disciplines, is the first time succeeded in integrating the necessary technology in the smallest space, and thus realize digital coaching as a mass-market application. Our products consist of shoes and a sensor device. The sensors measure the movements of the soles of the human body and thereby identify stress and acceleration data. A processing module evaluates the data and transmits to a terminal. With the help of voice prompts that are formulated as statements of a personal trainer, the user receives feedback about his movements and learn to improve them - through targeted training and the ability to select exercises - to.

Here the fun comes in the movement never too short!

And: The development and production of products as well as supplying products exclusively in Germany.